Monday, September 12, 2011

    Boiled Bagels vs. Steamed – How to SPOT the Difference

    While the bagel has seen many incarnations since the Middle Ages in Poland, one key constant remains the traditional process of boiling the raw bagels before baking them. At SPOT Bagel, this time-honored step is the 6th step in our 8-step artisan production process.  Here’s how to tell the difference between boiled and steamed bagels:
    1. Shine and Shape
      Boiled bagels have a shiny golden crust from being bathed in boiling water whereas steamed bagels have a dull, dry finish. The shape of a boiled bagel is round because it’s baked on both sides, while a steamed bagel is usually elliptical and flat on the bottom as it’s not turned over in the baking process.

    2. Inside and Out
      If you cut a boiled bagel in half, you should see two distinct textures, a crispy crust from boiling and a soft, chewy, dense crumb on the inside. You should be able to pull the skin (crust) apart from the crumb.

      The texture of a steamed bagel is its biggest giveaway. It is fluffier – more like bread or even cake. While some people prefer this (and hey, it’s your choice), all of us at SPOT believe that following tradition helps create a truly great bagel.

    3. Toppings
      The best boiled bagels usually have toppings on both sides of the bagel. After boiling, bagels are placed on aluminum boards covered in wet jute (burlap). The toppings are applied to the jute, the wet bagels are gently placed on the jute, and then covered with more toppings.

      On the other hand, steamed bagels have toppings applied to the raw dough before they enter the steam injection oven. Most often, the toppings are inexpensive and dehydrated, unlike the fresh and organic toppings we use at SPOT.

    From mixing rich and unique ingredients right in the dough, to boiling, to thoughtfully preparing and liberally applying  toppings, we aim to deliver a “real” bagel: one that will satiate your palette and gratify your soul. Decide for yourself if “an unboiled bagel is just a roll with a hole”…check out one of our sumptuous flavors near you!


    Liz Roberts
    SPOT Bagel Blogging Babe