Help choose the face of Orange Poppy!!

    SPOT Bagel believes in being involved in the community and supports up-and-coming artists and graphic designers. We are collaborating with 10 different artists to create a unique flavor identity for each of our wonderful bagel flavors.

    For our legendary Orange Poppy bagel, Philadelphia-based Mike Protevi created three very different options. Please help us decide which look-and-feel should be the face of Orange Poppy!

    Organic poppy bagel meets organic oranges = Love at First Bite
    Our Orange Poppy bagel contains fresh organic orange juice and zest. Bathed in poppy seeds, you get a crispy shiny crust and chewy delicious, orange bagel dough in every bite.

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    SPOT Bagel Bakery - San Francisco Bay Area

    Holler if you've seen our bakery! Preparations are under way at the bakery outside and in for our launch of artisan bagels in the SF Bay Area this year!

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