Bagels Gone Wild - The Frida Bagel

    If you're tired of boring bagels, look for SPOT's Frida bagel inspired by where Frida Kahlo lived, foods indigenous to the area, and the foods Frida Kahlo enjoyed eating. SPOT's Boulanger Supreme, Holly Pugliese, researched Frida Kahlo's life to create this bagel.

    The recipe, now in its third incarnation, is still being tested and refined. Chef Holly says she is close to getting it just right. She currently includes fresh roasted mild chiles, a special blend of spices, and switched from using hominy to blue cornmeal when she learned about Frida's home, Casa Azul. Originally, Chef Holly didn't realize making bagels could be this cool. 'Making bagels is a lot more interesting than I thought it would be. I get to be very creative.'

    The Frida bagel is just one of SPOT Bagels' flavors coming to the San Francisco Bay Area this year. Ask for SPOT bagels at your local supermarket and cafe and keep in touch.
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